Friday, February 8, 2008

Loving Mary

Ever since we had our first tv way back 1986, I have always adored Marya!

I still remember my mom and me preparing dinner early every tuesday night just so we can all finish eating before 8pm. By then, nobody would ever dare lay a finger on the tuner(remotes weren't available yet, well at least with out tv).

Me and mom would sit beside each other and say nothing. We were both entranced by Marya.

I remember the falling leaves on her OBB, her different hairstyles, her "model pose".

Then the show starts. And for the next hour, my mom and me would sit quietly and take in all the Maricel Soriano we can get.

When the show is over, then reality begins.

Until now, I am still a fan. Although I was never one to follow her around in shootings, I however religiously collect magazines with her on the cover. I would then lovingly file them under my bed after reading, had it not flooded in our place, I would still have the magazines in top condition.

I adored Marya with each of the roles she tackles. But it through her movies that I adored her more. I remember watching Super Inday and the Golden Bibe, and laugh everytime she opens her mouth. My dad does not approve but hey, it's Maricel were talking about, I'd trade my dad for a chance to know her more. :-)

Now, after hundreds of Maricel Soriano starrer, me and my mom remain a Maricel Soriano fan. Just recently, I gave my mom a dvd copy of Inang Yaya and re-established our bond watching it, crying over it.

At the end of the day, when my work disconnects me from my mom, I know that only Maricel Soriano can link us back again...

I love Maricel Soriano!

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