Monday, February 18, 2008

EB (Eye Ball)

Was texting a couple of guys for possible EB last night. One of them seemed really nice and wanted to come over to my place.

His text messages revealed little about the guy I was supposed to meet. I am normally able to at least generate a rough idea of the guy I'm meeting through reading their text messages. I would know if they are rude, manyak, bastos, mabait, or even manloloko. But that didn't happen last night. Partly because he kept his text messages to a minimum.

We finalized everything and decided we'd meet outside Ministop Manda. I wore a cap, a jacket, and my favorite pair of jeans. I wanted to look good tonight. Although I normally do not exert such effor on my previous EB's.

It took around 30 minutes for us to finally meet. When I texted him I was already outside Ministop, he texted me that he was outside my place. I walked back to my place and sent him a message asking where he is. He replied saying he was riding a trike parked near my apartment.

I approached the parked trike with caution. The place was kinda dark and I was already thinking horrible thoughts. But they were all for naught.

I finally stood face to face with Chong Kee. No, that isn't his real name but that was what he told me when we were still exchanging messages.

He was tall, my guess is around 6feet flat. He looked really young. Smooth, fair skin, chinky eyes, F4 inspired hair. Chong Kee was a gorgeous guy.

Until he started telling me he was straight. Look, I have no problem with straight guys, but I have never considered having sex with them. Simply because I do not wish to pay for sex. My experience has taught me that you never get to bed with a straight guy withour paying them, or at least brinbing them with something of value.

I invited Chong Kee to my place and went straight to the roofdeck. I brought with me cans of redhorse beer and a pack of marlboro lights.

His was a typical story. He said he was from Tondo and he was a son of a prostitute. His father is chineses which explains the way he looks. He has a girlfriend that he got pregnant and is currently staying with him in his mother's place in Tondo. he is 19 but has yet to finish HighSchool.

I would normally write off such stories as plain BS. But something in Chong Kee's face made me believe they were true. I guess the romantic in me wanted to believe they were true...

I told him I didn't want to ahev sex with him, not like this... and he understood. I explained that I would always prefer having sex with somebody "not straight" because at the end of it all, the complications are very minimal.

He told me he was very sleepy and wanted to sleep. Against my better judgment, I let him sleep in my room, beside me in my bed...

We continued talking until I fell asleep. I did remeber him asking for "pamasahe" because sleep claimed me.

I woke up feeling disoriented, and with Chong Kee gone. My initial thought was he had already robbed me (I'm sorry, that was the annoying thought that had been nagging me since we met). But all my valuables are still in-tact. he most certainly could have left taking my phone with him since it was just beside me but he didn't.

I texted him and this was his reply:

"Thank you for treating me like a friend. i'm sorry you didn't want to do IT with me. I would have liked it. Too bad you wanted bi-guys more...take care..."

I felt my eyes burn and the thing I know, they were already brimming with tears.

I have fallen in-love with Chong Kee...

Sunday, February 17, 2008


After 2 weeks of primping up for an all-guy singles party, finally the day I was so looking forward to came.

The party venue is in an obscure resort in Bacoor, Cavite. The text invitation I got said that the party starts at 8pm. I was already getting ready at 4pm. To say that I was/am so excited is an understatement. I am beyond excited, I am exhilirated.

Around 5pm, me and Bato were on our way to SM Manila, where we were suppose to meet up. I have already texted a couple of guys and most of them were gracious enough to send me a reply, but the person who was supposed to meet us up in SM Manila was no where in sight. That should have told given me an idea of what's in store, but ever the optimist, I decided to still give it a go. Nothing changes my mind onceI have it made up, well at least most of the time.

The bus ride to Bacoor was smooth. I was sleeping the whole time. My ordeal started when we got to SM Bacoor. From the instructions given, we were supposed to look for a multicab that will bring us to Jolibee Molino.

Imagine my surprise when we had to fall in line just to board the cab. The line is amazingly long. At that moment, I was already considering going home, but we have come this far and there is no turning back.

Inside the multicab, my inner bitch started rearing it's ugly head. The space is cramped up, there isn't even enough leg room. I didn't know Cavite could be so backward. Multicab? Why not FX, or a van. Why this sorry excuse for a vehicle.

I didn't want my inner bitches to ruin what could be a potentially fun night so I endured the hour long trip. The road was bumpy and uneven. The air reeks of dust and the ride is plain horrible. Despite all that, I kept my cool and resided my mantra "I will not lose patience" "I will not lose patience"...

It must have helped and the thing I know we were already in Jolibee Molino.

I went straight to the loo to wash up. I felt all dirty and grimy. My wet ones helped made me feel cleaner, but not too much.

Inside the loo, a promising view unfolded. A cute guy, tsinito, anime-inspired hair, and glutathaione-fair skin was taking a leak. I already knew he was going to the same party. I would have wanted to see more of HIM but hygiene first.

We ahd dinner and promptly texted the person who was supposed to pick us up from there. He texted that he was on his way so we decided to wait for him outside.

Outside, I saw a couple more guys. none of which are potentially good-looking. I sighed and brought myself a pack of marlboro lights. I am really starting to get bored.

I was lighting my first stcik when I got a text from the guy. He said he was already there. We met up with him and he introduced us to the other guys. He said we had to wait for the others who were also going with us.

An hour has pissed and I was already visibly pissed. I asked him how much longer do we need to wait. He must have sensed my wratch stirring so he took his mobile out, dialled some number and within 2 minutes, you guess it, another multicab arrived to picked us up.

There were 6 of us inside but we never spoke to each other. So much for meeting new friends there eh. The trip was thankfully short and we finally made it to the venue.

The resort was small. Like literally. There were a couple of guys there but much like inside the multicab, everybody went about their own thing. It felt like being in a party that was never a party.

Hours stretched and it was more of the same. After the introduction part. I was already so bored I decided to call it a night.

It wasn't a bad party...but it wasn't great as well. I ended up regretting even making that decision. all my painstaking efforts to make sure I look hot and sexy for the party went down the drain.

Lesson learned: if you want to party go to Malate instead!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Teen Horniness IS a Crime!

I love Sarah Michelle Gellar. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon a recording she supposedly made for her film SouthLand Tales.

The title of the song is Teen Horniness is not a Crime, a Britny-ish pop song that unapologetically parodizes teen sex. The song is catchy and in no time I was addicted to it.

However, my dear Sarah is soo wrong. Teen Horniness is indeed a crime. Case in point, an acquaitance of mine went to a CR in MRT Station. Inside, he saw a guy, barely past 18 years old. The young guy looked at my friend and motioned him to join him inside the cubicle.
It could have been a scene right out of my favorite Jeff Stryker porn. The guy was groping my friend and was excitedly tugging the zipper of his pants down.

Then came a knock on the cubicle door. The janitor must have seen both of them enter the cubicle together and alerted the MRT security. My hapless friend was taken, together with the guy to the mall security. They asked for his id and threatened my friend that they'll have his parents bail him out of there. Thankfully my friend still had P100 with him. He offered this to the security when they started asking that he give them his mobile phone. I dunno, maybe the guards just needed money to buy coffee so they took the money and let my friend go.

My friend was shaking while relating his ordeal to me in ChowKing Starmall. He looked really pale, and seemd to have aged 5 years in such a short time.

It was both humorous, and scary as well. My friend could have been subjected to utmost shame by forcibly outing himself to his parents had the guards decided to contact them instead.

How many dangers such as this must we face till we learn our lesson. Yes, public sex hold a horrid thrill to it, but, at the end of the day, is it really worth it?

Yes, SMG, Teen Horniness is indeed a Crime.

Friday, February 8, 2008

I Hate FLYFF...Not!


Whoa! That feels good!

Imagine skipping work and losing a days salary and just waste the entire day doing nothing!

That is exactly what happened today!

I feigned sickness so I can get off from work and level my character in preparation for her 2nd job change and what do I get!? Server maintenance that lasted the entire day and still counting!

I'm so pissed! No, I'm beyond pissed! I'm uber-pissed!

Gotta check the website again, maybe it's online now...

If not, I would need a new keyboard by tomorrow!

Loving Mary

Ever since we had our first tv way back 1986, I have always adored Marya!

I still remember my mom and me preparing dinner early every tuesday night just so we can all finish eating before 8pm. By then, nobody would ever dare lay a finger on the tuner(remotes weren't available yet, well at least with out tv).

Me and mom would sit beside each other and say nothing. We were both entranced by Marya.

I remember the falling leaves on her OBB, her different hairstyles, her "model pose".

Then the show starts. And for the next hour, my mom and me would sit quietly and take in all the Maricel Soriano we can get.

When the show is over, then reality begins.

Until now, I am still a fan. Although I was never one to follow her around in shootings, I however religiously collect magazines with her on the cover. I would then lovingly file them under my bed after reading, had it not flooded in our place, I would still have the magazines in top condition.

I adored Marya with each of the roles she tackles. But it through her movies that I adored her more. I remember watching Super Inday and the Golden Bibe, and laugh everytime she opens her mouth. My dad does not approve but hey, it's Maricel were talking about, I'd trade my dad for a chance to know her more. :-)

Now, after hundreds of Maricel Soriano starrer, me and my mom remain a Maricel Soriano fan. Just recently, I gave my mom a dvd copy of Inang Yaya and re-established our bond watching it, crying over it.

At the end of the day, when my work disconnects me from my mom, I know that only Maricel Soriano can link us back again...

I love Maricel Soriano!

Fairy Tale Nonsense

Had you taken the chance to check my profile, you would have read that I keep a collection of my old fairytale books.

Yes, that's true, I have a seizable collection of fairytale books. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella, even Jack and the Beanstalk.

It must have been a happy coincedence that my brother was born 8 years after I was. I had the chance to keep my precious collections and not pass them him, but seeing the my brother is very straight, I dont think he would liked them anyways. He skipped the reading page and proceeded to handling real guns and stuff but I digress.

Like the princesses in the fairytales, I too dreamt of a prince. I dreamt of being swept off my feet and hied away to a kingdom far far away, where we both will live happily ever after.

Contrary to this though. I ended up getting involved with frogs instead of princes'. I kissed every single one of them, hoping one of them might turn out to be the prince I dreamed about for long.
To my dismay, all of them remained as frogs, and now, I have a whole pond of them.

Now, older and perhaps smarter, I realized that they were never Princes' to start with. I had cops, military men, college students, highschool students, colleagues, professors even, but bever princes'.

I'm still waiting...but no longer for a prince...

I'm now vain. :(

p.s. attached is my missing Prince' pic, let me know if anybody has seen him around

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Napuyat ako kagabi. Di kasi ako nakatulog sa nakita ko sa isang forum sa website.

The guy was asking if there were any doctors around because he wanted to have his "situation" checked.

Curiousity got the better of me so I clicked on the thread. Posted is a pic of his d*ck with a reddish, wound-like rashes around it's base (I'm trying to sound like a clinical expert here).

It was a disturbing sight...disgusting even. Enough to make me lose sleep.

I was so disgusted I had to call a friend to yak about it all night.

STD isn't disgusting. But what it does to you is what's disgusting.